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    Who we are?

    DrumStore is the largest specialist music store in Northern Poland with a professional assortment of drums as well as lot of accessories for them. We have also a special section of Pianos and Studio

    We serve our clients in the way we would like to be served - nice, with a smile and above all professionally. We all belong to one drum family and we treat each other like that. We will gladly advise you in the selection of equipment and answer your questions.

    DrumStore, as the name suggests, is the vast majority of percussion instruments, but not only. Old expanding the offer with new items. In our headquarters we have constantly develop departments responsible for homerecording, a department with digital pianos and other keyboard instruments, as well as a studio department - all in one place. Our mission is to help you create music that is also a passion and a way of life for us.

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  • Location

    Our new headquarters located on ul. Tadeusz Wendy 15 has the largest area we have occupied so far - thanks to this our store has an impressive exhibition, but it is also adapted to occasional events such as workshops or small concerts.

    To park directly at our store, drive up to the barrier on the left side of the building and trigger protection by pressing No. 1 on the intercom - just say that we enter the MAG area with the desire to visit DrumStore. You can also call our phone number - 797 31 70 35 - we can open the barrier using the remote control. The place for our customers is located right on the right side and is described by number 28. If currently the number 28 is occupied, it can be parked in places described by the symbol "X".

  • What do customers say about us / They buy with us:

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    Adam znany i lubiany perkusista Kombii swojego wiele ze swoich instrumentów zakupił oczywiście w DrumStore.pl. Najważniejsza jest dla niego obsługa i rodzinna atmosfera panująca w sklepie. Luk naczelny bębniarz popularnego zespołu Lipali zakupił cały swój zestaw w DrumStorel. Wybrał Natala i Turkisha które zachwyciły swoim brzmieniem i przystępną ceną. Łukasz Łapa zakupił do szkoły w której uczy zawodowy sprzęt muzyczny. Chodziło o brzmienie bez kompromisów i wydajny bas. Z tego co nam wiadomo sprzęt spełnił jego oczekiwania i korzysta z niego do dziś
    imagealtAdam Tkaczyk Perkusista Kombii imagealtŁukasz Jeleniewski Perkusista Lipali imagealtŁukasz Łapiński Perkusista Drunk Lamb