tel. 58 620 98 18
tel. kom. 797 31 70 35

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 17:00 (we operate by phone from 10:00)

Saturday 10:00 to 13:00

Sunday Closed

If you cannot visit us during the shop opening hours and you want to pick up the goods,

test equipment or have another urgent matter - call us to arrange a specific time.


DrumStore address

DrumStore Tomasz Stukan
ul. Tadeusza Wendy 15 – Budynek MAG 
81-341 Gdynia

TAX ID  PL5862161399

/ entrance from the left side of the building through the ramp - map below /

/ GPS coordinates 54.524649, 18.540171 /



Contact the DrumStore team



Tomasz Stukan – CEO

endorser service, accounting, Marketing and advertising, social media, photo, video,
Gadu-Gadu gg: 13122825

Rafał Lach – trader

customer service, orders from distributors, preparation of shipments,
Gadu-Gadu gg: 37863031

Zuzanna Stukan – Marketing and advertising, social media


Bartłomiej Raczkowski – trader
customer service, www orders, complaints, service, photo

Tomek Koper – Ekspert

Social Media, maintenance of the exhibition, warehouse

Damian Bystroń – Copywriter

DrumStore blog, website

Arkadiusz Talaśka – installments BGŻ BNP Paribas

the amount of installments, the content of the contract, tel. 668 108 597

Meet DrumStore employees and our history


Bank Account Numbers

DrumStore Tomasz Stukan
22 1940 1076 3163 7660 0000 0000
Credit Agricole bank


Getting to us and parking

In order to reach us and park, please enter through the left barrier, press "1" on the dial and inform you about the desire to enter DrumStore, or you can call us directly at 797 31 70 35, then we will open the barrier with the remote control. The space reserved for customers is No. 28. If No. 28 is occupied, please park on site with X painted on the surface.

For easy access / access, we enclose the map.

If you want to pick up a heavier and larger product, for example a piano or drums, please enter the MAG area - through the left barrier, press the "1" on the dial and inform the protection with the words "Receipt of Goods from DrumStore". Please park on the ramp at the back of the building under the freight elevator.